Light of Hope (Blind in Egypt )

my photo story about blind people in Egypt who are estimated to be 830,000 person in 2011. It shows their daily life and struggle in Cairo, public transport that is a struggle to sighted people, I talk about their educational problems due to the high cost of braille books that is still used in Egypt despite been not used for blind people in many countries and using other modern methods like computer. I talk about the struggle of blind people in University and been not-recognized, absence of braille books and the only solution is to buy normal books, translating them and then printing them at their own expense.

After high schools blind people are not allowed to enrol at science schools, only schools like history, I also show how the blind people spend their time and the sports they play, like the Bell Ball, unfortunately in Egypt there isn’t a Bell Ball association which made it a neglected sport.

The story also shows how blind people are able to work difficult jobs like repairing computers, handy occupations at some centers for blind people like Alnoor Center, AlAmal for blind females in Heliopolis, The Exemplary Center for the Blind in Gesr El Suez in Cairo.

The story also includes a musical band called Orchestra of Light and Hope that presented its music in over 33 country worldwide, despite that success the Egyptian Media didn’t show them as they deserve.

The blind doesn’t have the right to be appointed at big positions or jobs even if they are able to do the job at governmental companies or institutes, and appoint 5% of the staff as blind people as the government asks the institutes to, and pays their salaries monthly and asks the blind staff to not come to work because they believe they’re not able to do any work despite that many blind people proved themselves in many areas of work.

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