Ready to Leave(Syrian Refugees in Egypt)

The armed conflict in Syria has forced thousands of refugees to escape through the seas to Europe. On their way some of them passing by Egypt – 350000 Syrian refugees according to the formal numbers-
While they are trying to continue their journey to Europe through the financial and bureaucratically problems and the dangerous that can destroy whole families.

The Storyboard is showing the life of some Syrian families in Egypt, who seek to reach Europe through every possible way, no difference between a teacher or worker, or lady. Everyone want and ready to leave no matter how hard it is and what it will cost. Its impossible to live here.


Syrian refugees have a tough time trying to re-establish careers they lost when they left their homeland.

Jobs for incomers are so scarce, the skills they have often not being enough to provide for their families in a new country.

Many of them have to take on second jobs and new careers to survive.

Bassem El Attar gained a reputation for himself as a top party planner in Syria, particularly for children, before the conflict started there.

When the war first broke out, his wife took their children and fled to her parents in Libya, and a safe location there.

El Attar also left and arrived in Egypt, first to Cairo and then Alexandria.

He was staying with Syrians in Cairo who advised him to move to Alexandria because it was easier to a find job there and the cost of living is much lower.

It was also the closest city for his wife to get to from Libya.

El Attar rents an apartment for 800 Egyptian pounds (102 dollars US) per month, a lot for a refugee like him to pay.



Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled to Europe during the four-and-a-half year civil war.

Anas, Rania, Farah, Yazan and Julia are a Damascene family desperate to find safety and they are heroes of my story about Syrian refugees.

The family, headed by father Anas and mother Rania have been calling Egypt home for the last three years.

They say they were forced from Syria after their business was lost and the country descended into civil war.

Anas once owned a clothes factory in Damascus but says everything was destroyed by the Syrian Army.

Shortly after, a missile hit their neighbour’s house.

The couple then decided it was time to leave their homeland

They didn’t know what to expect when they arrived to Cairo; but their optimism quickly soured.

the family live now in a district next to Brussels the capital of Belgium.


إدخال تسمية توضيحية

Shaimaa 32 years old from the Syrian city “Aleppo” she lost her left arm through a raid on her house, also she lost one of her children and her husband were wounded in his left hand. Shaimaa lives in Egypt since December 2013 and she had several surgeries to remove shrapnels from her body, she working now as a volunteer teacher in a school for the Syrian children in the Tenth of Ramdan city and she worked as a teacher in Syria and her husband worked as an employee for the Syrian government

2 thoughts on “Ready to Leave(Syrian Refugees in Egypt)

  1. Mustafa it is so touchable story that i read just now , did you meet those heros face to face , it is a very great opportunity to do that , i think it teaches us alot about how to live our life for the last breath , i love all the stories and feel like they are my family , may allah help all , humanity means unity


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